Sound and Space Research

Listen to people, to nature, but also to places and spaces.  

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Sound travels, spreads, and unfolds. As vibrations of a source in a medium, it is not only a physical phenomenon, but also a perception. What can we perceive of space through sound? What is the origin of our relationship to sound?


Where does sound go ? Where does it come from?

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Where lies the inframince limit?


How do we move from matter to ideas?


Could the other be an echo, or the resonance of our own auditory consciousness?


Sound and Space Research focuses on sound and aural spatial awareness through sound journeys, meditations, situations, testimonials and narratives that explore the tenuousness of silence and the resonance of listening areas. 


At Sound and Space Research, we explore these questions through a series of workshops on sound, the environment, and technology seen through the lens of art.  


Sound and Space Research invites visual artists, sound artists, musicians, poets, architects, dancers, performers, designers, anthropologists, wellness professionals to explore their practice through sound: its materiality and intangibility, its resonances and connection to the social and environmental context. 

Photos Jean-Sebastien Veilleux, Florine Leoni, Sandra Volny.