Resound Kefalonia 2018

Resound Kefalonia is a Sound and Space Research group that took place on the island of Kefalonia, Greece from May 15 - 21, 2018.



Hosted at the Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture, the research group was led by artist and educator Sandra Volny Ph.D. founder at Sound and Space Research with invited sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard.




During this intensive week, the research group forged links and induced relations of analogy between art, sciences and the sociological, environmental context. In the clash of our remembering, it is necessary to stretch the ear in order to become conscious of our surroundings. By amplifying our aural spatial awareness, Resound Kefalonia not only encountered sonic traces from the past, but also aural imprints from refugees washed up on Greek shores.



Sandra Volny PhD, based in Montréal, Canada. Artist, founding director at Sound and Space Research.

Jacob Kirkegaard, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist and composer. Invited artist for the Sound and Space Research program : Resound Kefalonia 2018.


Simon Bélair, based in Montréal, Canada. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and musician. 

Andrea-Jane Cornell, based in Louisville, USA. Musician, Co-founder/author/compositor/interpreter with Marie-Douce St-Jacques at Le fruit vert.

Pierre Leichner, based in Vancouver, Canada. Visual artist and academic psychiatrist. 

Claudia Mattai Del Moro, based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany. Sound engineer. 

Marie-Douce St-Jacques, based in Montréal, Canada. Musician and visual artist. Co-founder/author/compositor/interpreter With Andrea-Jane Cornell at Le fruit vert. 

Cobi Van Tonder, based in Berlin, Germany. Sound Artist and composer - Sonic Arts & Music. PhD in Music Composition, Trinity College, Ireland.

Frouke Wiarda, based in Brussels, Belgium. Sound artist and inventor of musical instruments. 


Photos Sandra Volny, Simon Bélair, Marie-Douce St-Jacques. 

By paying attention to our surroundings we can open our senses and sensitivity to multiple realities.This interdisciplinary research team operated by redirecting our modalities of attention to create situations in which an individual’s awareness of his or her surroundings arises through sound.


Resound Kefalonia research program is presented as part of the SEA Forum 2018 at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture. Supported by the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture and LOJIQ.